New York Disasters

With all the wonderful historical events that New York City is known for, there are memorable events which left the city in a disastrous way and in tragedy. These events will always be in the history books as the day the City of New York was tested and tried. The disasters range from earthquakes, drowning, and floods to severe rainfall. Examples of the different disasters and tragedies which New York Encountered is:

NY Storm, Troy and Drowning
In August 30, 1871 in the city of Troy, there was a massive and severe rainstorm which led to the drowning of the city. A lot of people were affected together with their houses. It was reported that there were bodies which drowned and were not recovered. The heavy storm and rain left Troy in a devastated and unpleasant way.

New York Rockaway Beach Storm and Drowning
This happened in June 9, 1902. A great gale raged about New York and lasted about half a day. This led to the loss of eight lives. Many who were on pleasure and recreation crafts perished. About 100 sloops and cat boats were caught up in this great gale. These sloops and boats housed about four to fifteen amateur fishermen, and the gale they experienced gave them a dreadful time. Many of the pleasure and recreation crafts were also believed to be lost in the gale.

East Coast Earthquake
This occurred around August 1884, and brought about a devastating effect to the area. After the terrific earthquake experience that took place in Washington and Baltimore, New York City was shocked and alarmed almost the same time by an earthquake of much greater severity. Coney Island, an Island located in New York, was thoroughly shaken by vibrations, and this made the guests to become alarmed and scared, and actually led to panic. This shock led to trembling faces from children, men, women and even animals in the menagerie.

Buffalo, New York – Kelker Blower Company Explosion
In January 24, 1926, a massive explosion broke out in Kelker Blower Company, New York. This explosion led to the loss of four lives, injuries to about four people and also led to several people becoming missing. The explosion led to the demolition of the walls and roof of the company, and eventually leading to the destruction of the foundation of the building.

Chateauguay, New York
In June 30, 1856, a terrible tornado hit Franklin County, New York. The invasion by the tornado led to the destruction of many properties and houses. It is reported that about 300 to 400 houses were destroyed by the tornado hit. Even though the tornado passed through the county around 9am to 10am on a particular Monday morning, it left the Franklin County in a terrific state. It was left in a state of complete desolate and not a single building escaped injury with several ones severely destroyed. It was estimated that $100,000 will not be enough to cover the damage.