Circolo Polare was founded in 2002 as a club of friends and enthusiasts; it then becomes a non-profit association and sets some general objectives:

  • to enhance and increase the knowledge of the polar regions from a historical, anthropological, cultural, environmental and tourist point of view;
  • to disseminate scientific knowledge to the greatest number of people, with simple language and constant attention to the impact on climate change;
  • deepen the history of exploration, recovering the role played by all the people involved in the epic businesses;
  • create a Documentation Center aimed at growth and information exchange;
  • to promote debates, exhibitions, conferences;
  • support specific projects and promote historical research;
  • create a website open to all and a reference point for enthusiasts.
  • Supporting and spreading sports activities such as: sledding, kayaking, Nordig walking, various trials … especially helping to sponsor sport meetings for young enthusiasts.